Ms. Linda Johnson-Bhola
Cert. Ed
Senior Lecturer
Department of Geography



Certificate of education- CPCE 

BA Geography –University of Guyana

MSc Urban and Regional Planning- UWI



  • Volunteer Trainer/Facilitator, Bartica Research Institute for Educational Empowerment (BRIEE) (2020)
  • Facilitate Workshops for Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC) Geography Teachers - NCERD (2012-Present)
  • Geography Syllabus Review Panelist - Caribbean Examinations Council
  • Assistant Examiner for Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate/CXC- Geography
  • Resource person for Secondary Schools - CSEC Geography School-Based Assessment (SBA)
  • Resource person for Geography - Cyril Potter College of Education (CPCE)
  • Member, International Geoscience Education Organisation - UNESCO in collaboration with the International Organisation for Education in Geosciences (IGEO)
  • Associate Editor, Common Ground Publishers, University of Illinois, USA - 2013 and 2017
  • Editor, Caribbean Urban Forum, Conference Proceedings
  • Member, Caribbean Network for Urban & Land Management
  • Member, Commonwealth Association of Planners
  • Member of the American Association of Geographers


2020 - Geography School-based Assessment Workshop: Bartica Research Institute for Educational Empowerment (BRIEE), Region 7

2019 – Map Reading Workshop for CSEC teachers: Department of Education, Region 6

2015 - Geography School-Based Assessment Workshop, Department of Education, Region 6. January 28, 2015.

2014 - Geography School-Based Assessment Workshop, National Centre for Resource Development (NCERD), Ministry of Education. October 22, 2014.

2013 - "Train the Trainer Workshop" (for new Geography course developed). February 2013, Cyril Potter College of Education.




  • EIA for Selected areas along the Guyana Coast, Sea & River Defence Project (2013) (Collab.)
  • Use, Adaptation and Management of Technology for the Urban Sector in the Caribbean for Strengthening Research Development and Uptake Capacity in Urban, Land and Municipal Management in the Caribbean (NSUS) Project- 2012 (Collab.)
  • GEO-CITIES Document – Profile of Georgetown, (UG, M&CC, UNDP & UNEP) (2009) (Collab.)
  • Effects of Mercury on Gold Smiths in Guyana, (GGMC & WWF) (2007) (Collab)
  • Biodiversity Study associated with the Upper Cuyuni Gold Mining Project (2006) (Collab.)
  • Guyana Environmental Profile Document (2006) (Collab.)
  • Integrated Assessment of Guyana’s Coastline Dynamics, Coastal Land Use and Defence Structures (Collaborative)



Regional Planning and Development in Guyana: A Study of Patterns, Challenges and Solutions (Collaborative)

  • A study of key Management Systems that Influence Urban Form in Georgetown, Guyana, 2015
  • Impact of Residential Housing Schemes on Spatial Development Trends in Demerara-Mahaica, 2014



Johnson-Bhola, L. (2020). Effects of Rural Land Tenure System on Mangroves Management in Corentyne, Guyana. DOI: 10.5772/intechopen.89610.

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Johnson-Bhola, L. 2017. Is Low Income Housing a Prerequisite to Long-Term Sustainability and Poverty Alleviation for Depressed Communities? In: Mohammed, A. and Polar, P. (eds.) Sustainable Urban Development: The Gap between Rhetoric and Reality – A Critical Review of Presentations from the Caribbean Urban Forum 2016, Suriname. Trinidad: Caribbean Network for Urban and Land Management, pp 182-190.

Johnson-Bhola, L. “Land Tenure Issues as a Constraint to the Sustainable Management of Guyana’s Mangroves”, Paper presented at the 1st Guyana Mangrove Forum- Restoring and Managing Mangrove Ecosystems in a Changing World, Georgetown, Guyana, April11-13, 2013.

Williams, Patrick & Linda Johnson-Bhola. 2012. Land Market Dynamics in Latin America and the Caribbean: A Case Study of Guyana, FAO (Published in Organizacion de las Naciones Unidas para la Alimentacion y la Agricultura, 2012, pg 285-305

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Johnson-Bhola, L. “Dying a Slow Death: The Fiddler Sanctuary at Epsom Seashore, Epsom Village, Corentyne, Berbice” Paper presented at UWI Conference on Foundations and Directions: Celebrating Geography and Geology at The University of the West Indies, UWI, Mona, Jamaica- July 2008



Housing and Community Development issues, Urban policy, Urban spatial structure and land use issues, Geomorphological issues, Geographical education