Ms. Shanomae Rose
Head, Department of Environmental Studies
Department of Environmental Studies




Ms. Shanomae Rose graduated with a Diploma in Medical Technology and a Bachelor of Science Degree in Environmental Studies (credit) from the University of Guyana in 1994 and 1997 respectively; a Master of Science Degree – Nuffic Scholar – from Wageningen University, the Netherlands in 2000 and a Master of Public Health Degree in Epidemiology from St. George’s University, Grenada in 2011.

She entered the University of Guyana in 2000 as a part-time Lecturer in the Department of Public Health, Faculty of Health Sciences while she held the post of Technical Specialist with the National Wildlife Survey, EPA/Iwokrama.  In 2001 she joined the Environmental Studies Unit now the School of Earth & Environmental Sciences as a Lecturer.  She has served as Coordinator (2006 – 2007) and Director of the School (2011 – 2013).  Ms. Rose is also a part-time Lecturer in the area of Occupational Health and Safety (from 2001 to date) at the Institute of Distance & Continuing Education.

Research projects and scholarly presentations include:

Counting the Cost: Quality Concerns About the Current Public Sector Housing Drive, 2005; Child and Adolescent Homicide – The Characteristics and Risk Factors associated with homicide in the USA, UK, and Brazil, 2008; The Public Health Implications of Increasing Diabetes Mellitus Type II amongst American Adolescents, 2009; The Prevalence of Respiratory and General Symptoms among Occupants of Households Affected by Flooding: The Case of Cove & John, Guyana, Presented at the 17th International Student Congress of Medical Sciences, Groningen, The Netherlands, 8-11 June, 2010.

Her publications include:

Environment and Child Health in Guyana, Guyana Health Information Digest 2003, Vol. 4(3) December, pp 15 – 22; and Healthy Housing: A Preliminary Investigation into the Health Conditions in the Formal Housing Sector in Guyana, Guyana Health Information Digest 2004, Vol. 4 (4), March, pp 46 – 51.

Co-authored publications include:

The Environmental and Social Impact of Mining in Guyana, 2010, in Sayago, D., Tourrand, J.-F., Bursztyn, M., & Drummond, J. A.(Ed.), L’Amazionie, un demi-siecleapres la colonization, (pp 1 – 296) Editions Quae, France.  An Evaluation of Respiratory and General Symptoms among Occupants of Households Affected by Flooding: The Case of Cove & John, Guyana, 2010, (pp. 202) ISCOMS, University Medical Centre Groningen, The Netherlands.

Shanomae is the third of four children and the mother of one.