Christmas feeding Program

Eco Trust Society, on December 20, 2015 ventured to provided meals to the less fortunate, homeless and needy children.

In keeping with the giving spirit of the Christmas Season and Expressing our understanding of man being apart of the environment.

Small gifts, party bags and food were given to the children in the Tigerbay and in the Leopold street area along with a few words of encouragement and environmental awareness.

We also provided hot meals to homeless folks at Bourda, Public Building and the People’s parliament and in Tigerbay.

Check out the photographs!

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FEES StaffChristmas feeding Program
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Eco-Trust – World Food Day 2014

Ecotrust world food day food drive report

In celebration of World Food Day 2014, on October 16, EcoTrust Society held a food drive where fruit salads were distributed to the needy and less fortunate. The fruits selected and prepared were all local fruits, being relevant to this year world food day theme “Family¬†Farming: Feeding the World, Caring for the Earth“. The food drive occurred at 6:30pm at the Germans Restaurant, 9 Mundy Street, North Cummingsburg, Georgetown, Guyana.

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FEES StaffEco-Trust – World Food Day 2014

EcoTrust Society President Inaugural Speech 2014

It is with great enthusiasm and zeal, that I accept this position as President of the School of Earth and Environmental Science EcoTrust society.

First of all, I would like to thank the Immediate Past President, and the Executive Committee for leading the club to achieve yet another successful year. The team has left quite an order for the new team to fill.

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FEES StaffEcoTrust Society President Inaugural Speech 2014

Eco-Trust – Inauguration of the President & Members

Eco-Trust Society on September 23, 2014 inaugurated its new board of executives in a small exquisite formal ceremony.

The Guest speaker, University of Guyana Student’s Society (UGSS) President (ag.) Joshua Griffith swore in the new executives. He encouraged the new executives stating that, “You have done a lot but there is more to be done. The campus is waiting on you to make an impact. You owe it to yourself to leave your mark on this society right now. So I am charging you Eco-Trust to do more, to make a change, to be the change so that generations to come will remember this Eco-Trust body.”

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FEES StaffEco-Trust – Inauguration of the President & Members