Message from the Dean to our 2018 Graduating Class

Congratulations to our 2018 Graduating Class!!!

Our dear graduates,

It gives me great pleasure to address you as you are officially ending a phase of your earthly sojourn, which is definitely the beginning of another adventure. You have stepped over the line of ignorance and, therefore, have been armoured with skills, technical know-how and educational ammunitions which should equip you in addressing numerous challenges that may confront you, your career, our dear country, and the human race.

Regardless of the enormous issues that you may encounter beyond the walls of the University, please set your face like a flint, do not look back, nor back out in your strife for excellence, relevance, dignity, and honour.

As the alumni of our beloved Faculty, we are confident of what you are capable of. I can only urge you to set your goals high and raise the bar. Set the new legacies and standard for yourself, your family, our country and our world. Don’t be vague in your daily living! Live with purpose. Do away with any small and inconsequential dreams, goals and planning. You have only ONE life to make a difference and leave a legacy – and this is the life you have NOW! Therefore, don’t flinch in the face of eruptions of adversities – they are lava you can use to build a lasting mountain of legacies. Don’t swim in the lakes of laziness nor take a plunge in the rivers of mediocrity. Set your goals for excellence, it will be an ornament that will distinguish you in this 21st Century era of countless competitions.

We do hope to hear about/from you soon, and we hope that you will be one of our bright and shining stars in any venture and adventure you find yourself in. I commend you to God of all Grace and Glory to strengthen and help you as you start your new beginning. Know for sure that you will forever remain dear to us in our Faculty. Have a great and fulfilled new beginning.


Peace be unto you!



Dr. Temitope D. Timothy OYEDOTUN

Dean, Faculty of Earth and Environmental Sciences

University of Guyana

GEOMessage from the Dean to our 2018 Graduating Class
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  • Ade Aderogba JP MBE - May 3, 2019 reply

    I urgently would like to contact Dr Temitope Oyedotun about introducing UK’s Chartered Inst of Housing to UOG. Pl ask him to contact me at We are in some African countries via Nigeria-UK Housing Society and plan to go to Jamaica.

  • Karan - June 18, 2019 reply

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