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    Off Campus Training – Lethem

    Fifty (50) students of the five (5) Geography classes: GEO 113 Maps and Diagrams, GEO 211 Spatial Organization of Society, GEO 212 Tropical Environmental Systems, GEO 315 Advanced Geography of Guyana and GEO 414 Principles of Geomorphology visited Lethem during the period November 1-4, 2007 accompanied by three (3) Lecturers. This fieldtrip was aimed:

    • to study the environment and socio-economic conditions at Lethem; and
    • to give students the opportunity to better comprehend various topics in the course outlines.

    To achieve these objectives, the students were involved in the following activities:

    • Collection of data of a section of Lethem to produce a land use map;
    • Investigation and comparison of the available services within Lethem to those provided by other established urban centers;
    • Collection of data and observation of physical changes that occur from Georgetown to Lethem and the examination of reasons for these changes;
    • Investigation into the economic activities within the Lethem community; and
    • Examination of the changes in geomorphologic features from Georgetown to Lethem.
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    FEES StaffOff Campus Training – Lethem
  • Emergency Planning and Management Programme – April 15 – 20, 2013

    The School of Earth & Environmental Sciences will be offering the course Emergency Planning and Management

    April 15 – 20, 2013.

    Conducted by Jeremy Collymore, Executive Director, Caribbean Disaster Emergency Management Agency

    Emergency Planning and Management is of paramount importance to the countries of this region which are extremely vulnerable to natural disasters. This course will be delivered via lectures, group discussion and simulation exercises. At its conclusion, participants will be able to plan, design, and execute emergency preparedness and response plans and implement disaster recovery strategies and programmes.

    Cost $50,000
    Limited places available

    Registration Closes: 12th April 2013
    For further information please contact us on Tel: 592-222-4180 or email us at sees.pdem2013@gmail.com

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    FEES StaffEmergency Planning and Management Programme – April 15 – 20, 2013
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    Environmental Education & Public Awareness – World Water Day 2008

    The United Nations Water group announced that World Water Day 2008 will be celebrated by the UN on Thursday, March 20, 2008. The international theme is “sanitation.” The local theme is “Sanitation is vital to human health!”

    In Guyana a number of activities will be undertaken in observance of this day by several agencies, such as World Wildlife Fund, Guyana Water Incorporated, the Environmental Protection Agency, Pan American Health Organization, the Ministry of Health and the School of Earth and Environmental Sciences. Some of the activities include:

    • Appearance on the Guyana Today show on March, 18, 2008;
    • Publishing of articles in the newspapers over a four week period commencing on March 20, 2008;
    • Training in water quality monitoring for Environmental Health Officers in Region 3 on March 31 & April 1, 2008;
    • Workshop to develop a Strategic Sanitation Plan for Guyana on April 2, 2008; and
    • Symposium to highlight issues on sanitation to be held on April 3, 2008.

    The School is responsible for organization of the Symposium and the proposed topics for the symposium are:

    • Women, Sanitation and Human Health;
    • Sanitation and the environment;
    • Sanitation and water resources;
    • Water Safety Plan;
    • New Septic tanks standards for Guyana;
    • Household water treatment in Guyana; and
    • Sanitation and community participation

    The public, especially senior secondary school students and their teachers, University students and Lecturers, are invited the symposium. It will be held in the Education Lecture Theatre, University of Guyana Campus from 8:30 hrs.

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    FEES StaffEnvironmental Education & Public Awareness – World Water Day 2008
  • Open/Career Day 2008 – Partnering to Enhance the Delivery of Education

    The School participated in Open/Career Day that was held at the University of Guyana, Turkeyen Campus on February 15, 2008. The students of the School displayed the exhibits, some of which consisted of their work, and interacted with visitors to the School’s booth.

    Saw dust models of the Guiana Shield and the landscape of the Rupununi were displayed along with rock samples as students explained the differences in elevation and the formation of the different features. Posters of career opportunities within the school were mounted and experiments showing condensation and water quality testing were demonstrated and explained by the students. A slide show of pictures from the recent Lethem Field Exercise was used to show vegetative and geomorphological changes in Guyana and social activities of Guyana’s hinterland communities.

    In addition, pictures of Earth Day and World Environment Day activities and posters of key environmental issues such as deforestation, species extinction and global warming, and abstracts of final year students’ project were mounted.

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    FEES StaffOpen/Career Day 2008 – Partnering to Enhance the Delivery of Education