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Department of Environmental Studies:

Ms. Michelle Astwood, BSc, PGDip, MSc 

Environmental Specialist


Ms. Tamara Gilhuys, BSc, MSc

Environmental Officer


Dr. Quincy Jones, MD, PgDip, MPH, MSc

Data Analyst, Policies Analysis and Health Systems. 


Mr. Jason Benn, BSc, MSc

Forensic Science Chemistry and Toxicology


Dr. David Alexander, BSc, MSc, PhD

Oil and Gas Management Specialist


Ms. Vivianna Critchlow, Dip Eng, BEng, MSc



Mr. Ajay Persaud, BSc MSc

Aquatic Ecology, Toxicology and Paleo limnology 


Mr. Paul Williams, BSc, MSc Mba

Oil and Gas Industry


Dr. Haimwant Persaud, BSc, MSc, MBA, GISP, PhD

Geospatial Technology Specialist


Ms. Sandra Britton, BSc, MSc, PGCert

Sustainable energy expert


Ms. Anita Wilson-Layne, BSc, MSc.

Community Based Disaster Risk Management


Ms. Raeanna Clarke, LLB, LEC

Environmental Law


Mr. Phillip DaSilva, BSc, MSc,

Ecotourism, Parks and Protected Areas


Lt. Col. Rtd. Kester Craig, BA, CIPM, MPA

Disaster Risk Management Specialist


Mr. Cleveland Paul, BSc, MSc,

Statistics and Biometry


Ms. Kenaz Francis

Occupational Health and Safety


Dr. Darren Shako, BEng, MSc, PhD

Environmental Engineer Waste Management Specialist


Ms. Onika Munroe-Nials, BSc, MBA 



Mr. Leslie Sobers, B.Soc.Sc, LL.B, MSc 

Attorney at Law and Environmentalist 


Mr. Owen Bovell, BSc, MSc

Forest Ecology and Management Specialist


Dr. Paulette Bynoe, BA, MPhil, PhD, AA

Environmental Expert


Dr. Mark Bynoe, BSc, MSc PhD

Resource Economist


Ms. Melinda Franklin-Lynch, BSc, MSc

Environmental Pollution and waste management


Ms. Janelle Christian, BSc, MSc

Climate Finance


Dr. Sean Townsend, BSc, MSc, PhD

Environmental Impact Assessment


Dr. Paulette Henry, MSc BSc EdD

Environmental Leadership