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Department of Environmental Studies:

Ashley Adams, Dip, BSc, MSc

Agriculture and Climate Change Specialist


David Alexander, BSc, MSc, PhD

Oil and Gas Management Specialist


Alston Alleyne, BSc, MSc

Community Development Specialist


Michelle Astwood, BSc, PGDip, MSc

Environmental Specialist


Kevin Balgobin, AS, BSc

Environmental Chemist


Owen Bovell, BSc, MSc

Forest Ecology and Management Specialist


Sandra Britton, BSocSc, MSc

Renewable Energy Liaison Officer


Paulette Bynoe, BA, MPhil, PhD, AA

Environmental Expert


Dillon Charles, BSc, PGDip, MSc

Water and Environmental Specialist


Raeanna Clarke, LLB

Environmental Law Specialist


Lt. Col. Kester Craig, BA, CIPM, MPA

Disaster Risk Management Specialist


Orville Crichlow, Dip Eng, BEng, MSc

Mechanical Engineer


Vivianna Critchlow, Dip Eng, BEng, MSc



Phillip DaSilva, BSc, PG Dip, MSc

Coastal Zone Management Specialist


Tamara Gilhuys, BSc, MSc

Environmental Officer


Diana Gobin, BSocSc, Dip, MBA

Business Management Specialist


Shanique Greaves, MD

Medical Doctor


Nelanie La Cruz, BSc, MSc

Aquatic Scientist


Olivia Parris-Bowen, BSc, MSc

Occupational & Environmental Health and Safety Specialist


Vincent Raja, BSc, MSc, MPhil, PhD



Darren Shako, BEng, MSc, PhD

Environmental Engineer/Water Specialist


Heetasmin Singh, BSc, MSc

Natural Resources Management Specialist


Raphael Singh, BSc, PGCert, MSc

Environmental Chemistry Specialist


Forrest Smartt, BSc, MSc

Climate Change Specialist


Onika Stellingburg, BSc, MSc

Stakeholder Management Coordinator


Leslie Sobers, B.Soc.Sc, LLB, MSc

Environmental Law Specialist


Joycelyn Williams, BSc, PGDip, MPhil

Project Management Specialist