Teleconference Activity – Research Exchange with Mexican Students

On Wednesday, August 14, 2019, The FEES hosted a successful teleconference with Centro De Investigación En Ciencia Aplicada Y Tecnología Avanzada Del Instituto Politécnico Nacional (CICATA – IPN) Querétaro, Mexico.

Six students from the University of Guyana presented their research and received feedback from both the staff on the ground and the academics from Mexico. Similarly, five (5) researchers (MSc and Ph.D. students) from CICATA-IPN presented their research at the conference and they also benefitted from questions, views, and comments from the academics on both sides (see photos).

Minister Jorge Luis Hidalgo Partida was present to deliver opening remarks. In his remarks, the Minister emphasized the importance of collaboration in strengthening academic research.


The topics presented by the University of Guyana’s students were:

  1. An Investigation of Selected Metals in Soils and Food Crops Grown on the Mined-Out Bauxite Soils of Guyana by Brijesh Singh
  2. An assessment of the ameliorating effects of different rates of Biochar on Tiwiwid Sand and the growth and production of Capsicum chinense Jacq by Basudeo Dwarka
  3. Macrophytes Wetland Communities along the Upper Berbice River Basin of Guyana: Relationships with sediments and selected water chemistry parameters by Gregory Hodge
  4. Evaluation of the changes in the Demerara River channel morphology using Remotely Sensed and Topographical Data by Alana Norville
  5. Spatio-temporal Features and Impacts of Floods along East Bank Canje, Berbice from 2008 to 2018 by Muzzammil Mohabir
  6. Microalgae biodiversity in Marine Coastal and Estuarine environments of Guyana by Seon Hamer.

The topics presented by CICATA-IPN’s students were:

  1. Estimation of Forest Carbon from Aerial Photogrammetry by Dagoberto Pulido
  2. Soil temperature estimation through aerial multispectral and thermal images by Daniela Basurto
  3. LiDAR and camera sensor fusion through deep learning for urban tree geolocalization by Omar Montoya
  4. Terrain thermal mapping using small UAVs by Othon González
  5. Molecular and visual markers to detect the presence of phytopathogens fungus on Vitis viniferafields by Mayra Candido

GEOTeleconference Activity – Research Exchange with Mexican Students
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