About the Department of Geography

The Department of Geography provides an education that everyone deserves! It offers an array of interesting and relevant Undergraduate and Post-graduate Programmes and short training courses. These include the Diploma in Land Administration and Management, Diploma in Valuation, Bachelor of Science in Geography, Bachelor of Arts in Geography/Economics (double-major), and Master of Science in Urban and Regional Planning. The courses are taught by highly qualified and experienced lecturers.

In order to complement the interactive in-class sessions for the courses under each Programme, students are afforded the opportunity to participate in a wide variety of field exercises/activities in various locations in Guyana and further afield to enhance their knowledge and skills. These exercises/activities help to equip students with the competencies to apply various current and popular tools, techniques, and technologies, including the Global Positioning Systems (GPS), Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Remote Sensing, and online mapping (Google Earth)), to meet the demand for geographic expertise in the public and private sector to address today’s complex political, environmental, social, economic, and other development challenges. Our programmes help students understand and appreciate how our survival depends on the effective functioning of both natural and human systems.

Staff members are devoted to providing students with a 21st century learning environment. Technology-enhanced lectures, videos, and case studies are a few of the methods used to deliver relevant content that captivates the students’ attention. These help to foster interactive, stimulating and exciting group and class discussions, stimulating debates, conference presentations, panel discussions and class seminars, creative posters and model displays, and innovative and relevant research.

Our graduates possess competencies that place them among the most sought-after and this gives them a comparative advantage in finding jobs. Graduates enjoy rewarding careers in a host of areas as town, regional and community developers/planners, local government housing and land use planners, cartographers, GIS specialists, land managers, educators (teaching), transport planners, disaster managers, coastal zone planners/managers and many more.

Join us and discover the wide range of career opportunities that an education obtained from the Department of Geography offers you! Come into the office, call or send an e-mail, or explore our webpage to find out more as well as how you can join us as prospective students. We look forward to engaging you in the new academic year!


Head of Department:                    Linda Johnson-Bhola

Email:                                              hodgeography.fees@uog.edu.gy



Department Secretary:                 Moushmee Badrinauth

Email:                                              geography.fees@uog.edu.gy