Our Vision

To Foster Sustainable Development with Solutions driven by a Geographical Approach that Promotes Education, Research and Collaboration

Founded on 25th July 2018, the University of Guyana Geographical Society (UGGS), was established by students from the Dept of Geography within the Faculty of Earth and Environmental Sciences with the goal to provide a platform that highlighting the importance of the study of Geography in Guyana while demonstrating the relevant skills and talents possessed by geographers and their ability to resolve issues of sustainable development using a Geographical Approach.




The UGGS was established for the express purpose of:

  1. Promoting the study and teaching of Geography.
  2. Encouraging geographical field research within Guyana and around the region.
  3. Making resource personnel available to offer guidance in particular geographical problems.
  4. Providing and promoting films, speeches, seminars and other activity of geographical interest.
  5. Stimulating interest in the nature and purpose of Geography and it’s potential contribution to national planning.

As a body, we are ardent about engaging in areas such as Climate Change, Geographic Information Systems, International Relations, Geomorphology, Globalization and Education, both nationally and Internationally.

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