Message from the Dean, Faculty of Earth and Environmental Sciences

Dr. Oyedotun, PhD. - Dean, Faculty of Earth and Environmental Sciences

Welcome to the Faculty of Earth and Environmental Sciences (FEES) at the University of Guyana! Nothing about our Faculty, and the programmes that we offer, is ordinary. Here, you are highly valued as you are exposed to the unique forms of academic engagements and learnings that prepare you for a rewarding career and brighter future.

As the Dean of this Faculty, I am proud to affirm, with every sense of responsibility, that the countless progress recorded in our Faculty and the numerous successes of our programmes are all because of the dedication and selfless service of each of our Faculty members, support staff, and ever dynamic students – who are always striving for excellence and professionalism in our Faculty’s collaborative atmosphere. Our vision is for a Faculty that provides high quality teaching, research, and learning experiences that meet the needs and aspirations of its students, while contributing to the developmental goals of the broader society.

Our mission is to develop a highly visible and stimulating intellectual environment, through which our teaching and research produce graduates with the technical skills and knowledge needed to support national development, while enhancing the viability and reputation of the Faculty.

Currently, our Faculty is offering five undergraduate and ten graduate level degree programmes in the Departments of Environmental Studies and Geography respectively. Additionally, there is a Ph.D. programme in Biodiversity that is jointly offered by the Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry, Faculty of Earth and Environmental Sciences, and the Faculty of Natural Sciences.

Our Faculty’s programmes are aimed at providing quality tertiary education in the Environmental and Earth Sciences and enable our students to conduct interdisciplinary research in areas such as environmental management, earth surface dynamics (morphodynamics), sustainable land use planning, biodiversity, climate change studies, among others. Opportunities abound in our Faculty for learning within and beyond the classrooms. Our vibrant students’ societies: Eco-Trust Society and UG Geographical Society, are examples of existing platforms where our students engage their creative, leadership, volunteering and management skills beyond the spectrum of classrooms.

In recent years that I have had opportunity to involve myself in our Faculty’s activities within and outside the campus, I am amazed at the influence of our alumni in every stratum of the nation’s developmental efforts and strides. Internationally and regionally, too, our alumni have been representing us well.

So, if your interest in our faculty is for studentship (undergraduate or postgraduate), or you are an alumnus seeking updates on the progress in the Faculty, or you are simply curious about the ongoing and developments in the Faculty, you are dearly invited to explore our web presence. And, do not hesitate to contact us if you require further information on our programmes, our activities and diverse experiences.

Together with you, we strive to make the Faculty of Earth and Environmental Sciences (FEES), a quality-driven, sustainable and comprehensive Faculty, both locally and internationally.

You are greatly valued by us all!

Temitope D. Timothy OYEDOTUN, PhD.

Dean, Faculty of Earth and Environmental Sciences

Reader (Associate Professor) in Physical Geography.

+592 620 2843