Ms. Denise Simmons
Senior Lecturer
Department of Environmental Studies



Academic Qualifications

  • Degree programmes
    Postgraduate Diploma in Education (Science); Master of Science Degree in Environmental Science; Bachelor of Science Degree in Chemistry (major)/Physics (minor).
  • Certificate courses
    Groundwater Pollution and Hydrology; Assessment and Management of Environmental Pollution; Groundwater Management in IWRM; and Advanced Surface Hydrological Data Collection and Analysis.

Conference Papers

  • Transforming Learning in Developing Countries – Lessons from an RLT/KnowledgePulse. Joint paper presented via skype at the 7th International Microlearning Conference, Austria, September 2013.
  • Was the activation of two water treatment plants in Georgetown successful? A cross-disciplinary study Paper presented at the Faculty of Natural Sciences, University of Guyana First International Conference, International Convention Centre, Guyana,  August  2013
  • Use or Mis-Use of Pesticides: Analysis of Knowledge, Attitudes and Practices of Farmers in the Caribbean. Paper jointly presentedwith Paulette Bynoeat the CIFSRF CARICOM Interactive Information Dissemination Workshop, Trinidad and Tobago Bureau of Standards, Trinidad, March 2013 and at Faculty of Natural Sciences, University of Guyana First International Conference, International Convention Centre, August 2013.
  • Contextualizing Science. Paper presented at University of Guyana-Centre for Communications Studies Scientific Journalism Workshop; Moray House, Guyana, December 2011.
  • Environmental Studies at the University of Guyana – a preliminary evaluation. Paper presented at Guyana Institute of Historical Research Third Annual Conference on History and the Environment, National Library, Guyana, June 2010.
  • Energy Efficiency and Carbon Emission Reduction: a review of Guyana’s Low Carbon Development Strategy. Paper presented at 5th Caribbean Environmental Forum and Exhibition, Rose Hall Resort and Spa, Montego Bay, Jamaica, June 2010. (With Paulette Bynoe)
  • Corporate Social Responsibility for Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation” Climate Change Forum. Presented at Le Meridien Pegasus, Guyana, June, 2008. (With Paulette Bynoe)
  • Quality and use of selected surface waters in Georgetown. Paper presented at World Water Day Symposium, University of Guyana Turkeyen Campus, Guyana, April 2008 (With Ramona Dabee-Johnson)
  • Greening rice milling: a case study of a rice milling operation in Guyana. Paper presented at the Jamaica Institute of Environmental Professional’s 3rd biennial Conference on the Environment “Business and Sound Environmental Management in the Caribbean – What Makes it Work?” Pegasus, Kingston, Jamaica, May 2007. (With Paulette Bynoe)
  • The Relevance of the IPCC Third Assessment Report for Guyana. Paper presented at the University of Guyana Library Professional Seminar, University of Guyana Berbice Campus, Guyana, April 2004
  • Emission of Methane from Rice Fields. Paper presented at the National Seminar on Modern Trends in Rice Technology, University of Guyana Berbice Campus, Guyana, May 2004


  • “An Integrated Environmental Assessment of Georgetown” (year?) (With Paulette Bynoe, Linda Johnson-Bhola, Ramona Dabee Johnson, Denise Simmons et. al.)
  • “Let’s Learn about Climate Change”, University of Guyana, 2008. (With Paulette Bynoe and illustrations by Philbert Ghajadhar).
  • “Potential Consequences of Climate Change on Guyanese Society: Guyanese must be concerned”, Guyana Health Information Digest, 2002, Vol. 3 (2)
  • “The Risk of Mercury Exposure from Small Scale Gold Mining to the Health of the Population in the Gold Mining Communities”. Proceedings of the Caribbean Academy of Sciences, Vol. 8: pp. 43-60. (With D. J. Singh, M. Rodrigues, W. Best, D. Browman, J. Quik, G. Mendonca).

Research Interests

  • Environmental pollution; Pollution control; Climate Change; Environmental Impact Assessment.