• UGGS hosts ‘Guardians of the Earth’ Climate Change Rally




    The University of Guyana Geographical Society partnered with Policy Forum Guyana and UG Female Empowerment Movement in order to sensitise the public on the need for climate action in Guyana. This issue is close to the heart of the Society as it embodies the ideas of sustainable development and as we see the effects of climate change and sea level rise in our country.


    The project falls under the larger theme of the ‘Global Climate Strike’ held under the leadership of Miss Greta Thunburg. Millions of students, parents, scientists, people of all backgrounds, ages, regions and faiths came together in all corners of the globe calling for climate action. More than 6,100 events were held in 185 countries. See link: https://globalclimatestrike.net/7-million-people-demand-action-after-week-of-climate-strikes/



    This local event involved a march from the Bank of Guyana to the Kingston Band Stand. Short talks and cultural events were held to engage and educate participants. Some participants included Namilco, GIT, Marion Academy, Bishop High School among others. Approximately 500 persons took part in the successful event. It is our hope that Guyana’s youths be resolute in the pursuit for climate action.




    Read more at: https://geographicalsociety.weebly.com/news–activities

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    GEOUGGS hosts ‘Guardians of the Earth’ Climate Change Rally
  • Seminar on Tepui Robotics PhD Project Research

    On September 12, 2019, the FEES invited Mateusz Wrazidło to present his PhD thesis work as part of a research group specialised in robotics applied to environmental monitoring. His research topic is “Conservation through Cultivation. TEPUI-SAT: Autonomous environmental monitoring and simulation system for habitat research and cultivation of vulnerable tropical flora species.”


    This research is made possible through the support of a MOU between UG and the Institute of Fundamentals of Machinery Design, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Silesian University of Technology, Gliwice, Poland.



    Wrazidło’s research focuses on creating devices for remote study of environmental conditions of the habitat of tepuian HeliamphoraDroseras, and other species that are important to and part of the biogeographic richness of high table mountains. The study also considers fragile wetland ecosystems in water-saturated peatlands that are key for the hydrology of the Guiana Shield River Basins.



    The main objective of the project is the development of a prototype of an environmental monitoring probe and using it for field measurements of various environmental particulars in given locations of the Guyanese Pakaraima mountains, especially with the aim of collecting long-term measurements at given locations characterized by the presence of the highland Pantepui environment and its endemic flora species.


    His chamber design is intended to be under controlled environmental conditions determined by the original ecosystems that remotely send the signals to the internet cloud. This interesting research idea opened the enthusiasm of several lecturers and students at the University of Guyana.

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    GEOSeminar on Tepui Robotics PhD Project Research
  • FEES Students represent Guyana at International Events

    The Faculty of Earth and Environmental Sciences is pleased to announce the remarkable achievements of several of our undergraduate students on the international stage!

    Ms. Suphane Dash-Alleyne represented Guyana at the inaugural United Nations (UN) Youth Climate Summit in New York on Saturday, September 21, 2019. She was among 7,000 students selected to attend from across the world based on her environmental advocacy and demonstrated leadership on climate issues. She also participated in the Fifth Annual Youth Parliament in Guyana in August 2019, where she assumed the role of Minister of Natural Resources. Ms. Dash is presently a second year student pursuing a degree of Bachelor of Science in Environmental Studies.


    Ms. Natoya Robinson was the outstanding athlete from Team Guyana 2019, which participated at the Annual NAPF Pan-American and FESUPO South American Classic Powerlifting Championships in Piriapolos, Uruguay from September 17-22, 2019. Her exceptional performance earned her 6 Gold, 2 Silver, and a Classic Deadlift Record of 195 kg/429.9 lbs. Ms. Robinson is a second year student pursuing a degree of Bachelor of Science in Environmental Studies.


    Mr. Patrick Benjamin-Huntley (at right) was part of the University of Guyana representatives at the Global Entrepreneurship Exchange (GE2), which was held at the University of Massachusetts Lowell in July 2019. He was also one of the grant awardees at the fifth Annual National Youth Awards in Guyana in September 2019, in recognition of his service in environmental volunteerism. Mr. Benjamin-Huntley is a final year student pursuing a degree of Bachelor of Science in Environmental Studies.



    Learn more about the students’ recent activities in the news:

    Environmental Activist to represent Guyana at inaugural UN Youth Climate Summit 

    Natoya Robinson lands FESUPO Deadlift record 

    Exemplary youths honoured for contributions to society


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    GEOFEES Students represent Guyana at International Events
  • 2019 OAS – Government of Chile Scholarship and Training Project for CARICOM Countries – Water Quality Monitoring Training at University of Guyana


    The Regional Coordinator of the Global Water Partnership- Caribbean (GWP-C), Ms. Simone Lewis, shared with the University of Guyana (UG) a request for proposals from universities and community colleges in the Caribbean to provide training in one or more of specific areas. In response to this request, a proposal was submitted on behalf of the UG by Ms. Denise Simmons, Lecturer, FEES with assistance from Dr. Dawn Fox, Lecturer, Faculty of Natural Sciences through the Office of the Deputy Vice Chancellor, Academic Engagement (DVC, AE). The proposal was to provide training in Water Quality Monitoring at the UG, Turkeyen Campus to Guyanese citizens.


    The University was subsequently informed that the UG was one of the institutions that was selected to participate in the “2019 OAS-Government of Chile Scholarship and Training Project for CARICOM Countries”. Through this Project the University received funds to implement an Introductory Water Quality Monitoring course over the period August 13 – 16, 2019. The UG also contributed in-kind assistance towards the offering of the course. The learning outcomes of the course were upon successful completion of the course, participants should be able to:


    • describe different water pollutant groups and selected water quality parameters;
    • describe how to collect surface and ground water samples;
    • collect surface water and tap water samples, observing the necessary protocols;
    • use field equipment to measure selected water quality parameters; and
    • apply basic statistical techniques for water quality data evaluation.


    The 4-day course provided an introduction to water quality monitoring and it covered topics on water quality concepts, and water quality sampling and analysis, and practical/hands-on exposure to sample collection and field-based measurement of selected water quality parameters. On the first day of the training, lectures which aimed at establishing the fundamentals of water quality analysis were delivered. Day 2 consisted of lectures on water quality analysis, collection of water samples and field-based analysis.  The third day involved a field exercise to the East Demerara Water Conservancy to demonstrate and collect water samples. Additionally, selected water quality parameters were also measured in the field.


    Participants and facilitators of the Water Quality Monitoring training

    Dr. Dawn Fox, Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Natural Sciences, UG facilitating a training session

    Participant sharing the group’s response to a small working group exercise


    The course concluded with an introduction to data handling and reporting. The training was an interactive one which required the participants to deliver oral presentations on their current involvement in water quality monitoring on the first day. On the last day, the participants were also required to make oral presentations on the analysis of the data that they obtained from the field exercise.


    Twenty five individuals from all of the ten administrative regions of Guyana were selected and participated in the training. The selected applicants are employed by or work with the following entities: the Ministry of Natural Resources; the Ministry of Agriculture; the Guyana Sugar Corporation Limited; Regional Environmental Health Departments; the Ministry of Education; the Environmental Protection Agency; the Guyana Geology and Mines Commission; the Iwokrama International Centre for Rainforest Conservation and Development; and an indigenous peoples’ non governmental organisation (NGO).


    The training was delivered by Dr. Dawn Fox, Senior Lecturer, Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Natural Sciences and Ms. Denise Simmons, Lecturer II, Faculty of Earth and Environmental Sciences. In order to receive a Certificate of Achievement, the participants were assessed based on their participation during the training, analysis of field data and a quiz. All participants acquired the pass rate (above 50%) to be awarded with the certificate. On the final day, the participants also completed an evaluation of the course.

    Mr. Inniss, Engineer, NDIA                                             Participant using a Secchi disc 

    Participants preparing to use a colorimeter to measure the concentration of phosphate in water sample

    Field exercise to the East Demerara Water Conservancy





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    GEO2019 OAS – Government of Chile Scholarship and Training Project for CARICOM Countries – Water Quality Monitoring Training at University of Guyana