About the Department of Geography

The study of Geography is an interesting and exciting journey. Questions such as Where? Why? How? What? and If? guide this course of study and permit geographers to explore, understand and appreciate the world around them. This interdisciplinary subject integrates the social and natural sciences within its two main branches – Human and Physical geography. Human Geography emphases the social, economic, and behavioral processes that differentiate places while Physical Geography examines the natural processes occurring at Earth’s surface, which provide the physical setting for human activities.

Geography, a field-based subject, takes you across the length and breadth of Guyana demonstrating connections, interrelationships and processes. Field activities equip students with the ability to use a variety of tools, techniques and technologies (Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Remote Sensing, Global Positioning Systems (GPS) and online mapping (Google Earth)) to address today’s complex environmental and socioeconomic issues. Our graduates possess skills that every employer requires which makes them employable in almost every sector. Our graduates are enjoying rewarding careers in environmental management, international trade and development, planning, cartography and GIS, business, management, commerce, transportation, education, and tourism.

Within the Department of Geography, faculty are devoted to providing students with a 21st century learning environment. Technology enhanced lectures, videos and case studies deliver material that captivates the student.  This fosters interactive, stimulating and exciting group and class discussions, motivating debates, inspiring panel discussions and creative posters and model displays.

Join us and discover the wide range of career opportunities that an education in Geography offers you. Come into the office, call or send an e-mail, or explore our webpage to find out more as well as how you can join us as prospective students. We look forward to engaging you in the new academic year!

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