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Ms Ronda Mc Lennan enrolled in the degree of Bachelor of Science in Environmental Studies in academic year 2015/2016. In 2016/2017, when the Department of Environmental Studies revised this programme Ronda agreed to transition rather than continuing on the old programme. Ms. Mc Lennan persevered despite her battle with Lupus, which necessitated prolonged absences from classes, to complete her degree in 5 years. Ronda had a beautiful smile and was always fashionably attired. During her journey with us she was determined to be fully involved in all aspects of her programme; in fact, she wanted to participate in all field exercises and was very disheartened when we requested that she not attend a field exercise to the interior. We were very concerned that we could not adequately provide support for her illness, however, she would participate in day and weekend field exercises where we could make special provisions for her.

A section of the class of ENV 3210: Aquatic Sciences (2018/2019) on field exercise to Dakoura Creek, Linden on March 30, 2019. Ms. Ronda Mc Lennan is wearing the black blouse and holding her group’s sample.


Ms. Ronda Mc Lennan’s group executing their field activities at Dakoura Creek, Linden on March 30, 2019 as part of the course ENV 3210: Aquatic Sciences (2018/2019). Ronda, wearing the white hat, is recording the water quality measurements for her group.

Ronda completed her programme with no failed grades, a testament to her dedication, diligence, and discipline despite her illness. She completed her course work pieces and examinations to the best of her ability without complaining or making excuses. Ronda died 13 February, 2021 and will not be part of the official graduation ceremony; however, in her last email communication to the Department dated 15 October, 2020 she was excited "to graduate from this prestigious institution". The Department salutes her efforts in the face of adversity. She is a role model of quiet determination for all students. The Department is deeply saddened by this loss. On behalf of the students and staff of the Faculty of Earth and Environmental Sciences we extend heartfelt condolences to her family and friends in this your time of grief.

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